Woodedge Village
Community Improvement Association

LOUEDD Exansion Project:
From  Harris County Engineering Dept. Right of Way Divsion Windriver:
Speed Bump

During the May 18th HOA meeting residents shared concerns around speeding vehicles and asked what it would take to have a speed bump installed.
HOA is researching if this is something the county will do or something the neighborhood can do. Stay tuned for further updates.
Other solutions were discussed.

Sherriff Tracey shared that speed bumps tend to result in speeding as soon as drivers come off the speed bump.  Does not always work as a deterrent.
Reducing speed limit from 30 to 25, 20 or even 15 mph. This will take a petition to be signed and involves going through the country for approval.  Will take volunteers to assist and champion. Regardless, turnaround time is lengthy.

Adding Light

During the May 18th HOA meeting residents shared concerns dead end street off Windriver, coming from Rowood, dead end is on right side. Resulting in unwanted activity taking place under the cover of darkness.    HOA committed to having light installed.   Current Status: HOA will contact the electric